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I am a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team, a certified Les Brown Power Voice, a certified speaker with the Winning Minds Group and a certified Branding Accelerator with Pam Perry’s “Ready Set Go Speak” Community Membership Program. I also conduct
business workshops and lead mastermind groups for women in business who desire to catapult their professional and personal growth.

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Exhale with Regina™ is designed to help women SEE themselves. Many women do not see their gifts, talents, and abilities, and it keeps them stuck in shame, false guilt, comparison, low-esteem, and a poor self-image. Women can struggle with embracing themselves based on societal norms, family expectations, and distorted thoughts toward themselves.

Women who embrace themselves see their beauty—not the beauty as society defines it, but their inner beauty, which is tied to their purpose. When you take the journey to Exhale with Regina™ you can move from pain to purpose and shine light into hidden places.



Transformational Speaking

I am a transformational speaker who breathes life by increasing confidence, reducing internal negative messages and cultivating clarity on your personal, spiritual and professional journey.


Professional Development

Empathic Leadership Service helps professional women who want to increase leadership capabilities and fulfillment of professional success. Professional development is about your superpower. Talents, abilities, and gifts have the potential to impact your influence on others.


Interpersonal Communications

Effective communication is the bedrock to thrive in personal and professional relationships. The training will assist professional women in increasing understanding of setting appropriate boundaries, developing empathy, and enhancing active listening.

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