Regina C. Hall

Transformational Speaker | Trainer | Coach

President and Founder of Enlighten Heart Services, LLC (EHS)


Regina Hall is an author, international speaker, trainer, coach, and CEO, and founder of Enlighten Heart Services and  Exhale with Regina , LLC.; a multi-dimensional platform providing facilitation, mentoring, inspiration and strategic partnership to professional women who want to increase leadership capabilities, and fulfillment of professional success. Regina has formed trailblazing mastermind groups, workshops, and philanthropic enthused programs, such as: “Sisters Journeying Together”; purposed to mentor young ladies; helping them to find and own their voice, through self-awareness, and leadership.

Regina shares sincere regard for higher learning and servant leadership. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling. She is a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, coach, and Les Brown motivational rhetorician; a licensed professional counselor (LPC), and an ordained minister. Regina has been a featured speaker at the Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood Virtual Women Summit. Regina was also a featured speaker for “Stage Time” at the John Maxwell IMC Conference, August 2021.

About the Author

Discussing child sexual abuse is a sensitive, soul-stirring, and sobering topic. In Mommy, I Need You! Author Regina C. Hall not only discusses, but delves deeper into this topic by disclosing her innermost thoughts and struggles as she recovered from sexual abuse. She invites us to stroll with her down her childhood memory lane, and by doing so, makes us privy to the conniving debauchery of her abuser. Readers will be inspired to not only claim their own victory, but to open their hearts, minds, and mouths to inspire others on this healing journey.

Community Services

Regina currently serves in several programs at her church, Brightmoor Christian. She serves on the Prison Ministry as a Preacher and Teacher at Huron Valley Women’s Correctional Facility and Detroit Rescue Mission; BCC Counseling Services, Team Leader, and as a Prayer Intercessor. She has served as Minister Leader of Christian Education, Women and Girl Ministry, Superintendent of the Sunday School Ministry, Children’s Ministry, New Members Ministry, and the Announcement Ministry among others.

Training and Speaking

Ministry Training Services – We partner with organizations and churches for training services and speaking engagements. 

Volunteer/Mentor Training – We train volunteers to be mentors for young girls through the Sisters Journeying Together program.

Certified Maxwell Trainer – We are true leaders, speakers, coaches and mentors and we understand the principles of leadership.