Team with Regina to Develop Young Female Leaders

“Sisters Journeying Together”; purposed to mentor young ladies; helping them to find and own their voice through self-awareness and leadership. Sisters Journeying together has a sincere commitment, to the personal and professional growth of young ladies, cross-generationally.

Coaching and Mentoring Pogram

Sisters Journeying Together is a special program offered by Enlighten Heart Services. The program empowers young ladies between the ages of 12 and 19 to find their voices and help them to heal from low self-esteem and negative images of themselves. 

Who Is It For?

Sisters Journeying Together encourages women involvement in the lives of girls and young ladies who would benefit from a mentor, including those who suffered abuse and troubled situations. Sisters Journeying Together desires to help young girls to heal from low self-esteem and negative images. It is a safe place where restoration and transformation can take place.

Our Platform:

  • Provide A Safe Place
  • Engage in Meaningful Activities with Women and Girls
  • Workshops and Annual Conference