Which Person Are You?

I became curious about what person am I. Am I confused, frustrated, or a fulfilled person? I have fit in each category at one time in my life. We are interesting creatures, and I can say that I desired a life of the “Happy Ever After,” which, of course, doesn’t exist.


 A confused person doesn’t know what they want to do with their life

I can definitely relate to being confused when I was in college. I was the first generation to go to college in my family, and although I was excited to go, I didn’t have a clear direction for my major. I have a BS in Business Administration with a major in Production Management. Interestingly enough, I enjoyed what I studied, but it was not an accurate representation of my gifts and talents. I am grateful for my degree and that I was the first to graduate in my family, paving the way for my siblings.


A frustrated person is one who knows what to do but is not doing it. 

I had a difficult time accepting that life was uphill. I often felt that others had it easy, and I was cursed to struggle for the rest of my life. I was constantly comparing my experiences to others, looking at what they had, and feeling how come that’s not me. Why did God have it out for me? I lived pretty frustrated and often felt depressed.


When I got my Master’s in Counseling, I felt that I was on the right track. It energized me when I helped others to feel good about themselves and found relief from the pain. As an advocate, I soared when a client needed something; I came alongside to help accomplish their goals. When I connected with a woman who had cancer, the treatments were not taking effect. She felt depressed, overwhelmed, and alone. She couldn’t pay her light bill, amongst other things, and she wept. I stayed on the phone and allowed her to release the tears. We called various places that day to get her the assistance she needed. It was my pleasure to step in and lighten her load. She said that I blessed her, and I was God sent. It was music to my ears because she actually blessed me. On that day, I existed in who I was called to be to the brokenhearted. I experienced many moments like that this one, but still, something was missing. I was frustrated more than I wanted to admit because I wasn’t functioning in my calling, speaking, and training.


A fulfilled person is one who knows what that want and pursues it. 

When I became a certified speaker, trainer, and coach, I heard me say that “I was made for this.” Wow, I live to inspire, educate, and elevate women who are in various struggles of their lives, careers, and spiritual journeys. I speak life. I love being known as the #1 Exhale Transformational Speaker and Trainer who breathes life. God called me to heal and set the captive free. I am in my element when I impact others’ lives and watch them come out of what the devil had trapped them in. Just typing this, I am excited and beside myself. I hope you can feel my energy.  

However, fulfillment is not an easy role. Did you know the more significant the dream, the bigger the dip? Yes, when you are pursuing your dream, there is a gap, and you need the right perspective. Here are a couple of tips.

  •  Get closer to God. Your gifts and talents are God-given, and why not seek the source that designed you the way you are. 
  • Choose to be around like-minded people. It isn’t easy to pursue what you want if the people you are centered around do not follow their dreams.
  • Life is uphill, and some of the circumstances that come into our lives can bring great distress. We are going to experience successes and failures, highs and lows, and setbacks. A fulfilled person knows this and takes the good with the bad. I am growing daily in this area, ridding myself of the “happy ever after.”

Call to Action

Determine which person you are and move forward daily to become the person God intended you to become.