Women Crushing Mediocrity


One thing is for sure – every woman has a story of crushing mediocrity that deserves to be told! Women Crushing Mediocrity was created to give you an exclusive opportunity to “hear” some of those personal stories of women who refuse to be held hostage to ordinary. This book celebrates each of the co-authors who have stepped up to share their stories as a part of this transformative project because they acknowledge that their story is “about them but not for them.”

There is truly unparalleled power in sharing your story to bless someone else! Women Crushing Mediocrity is by women for women. As you immerse yourself into each of the stories, I hope it serves as a potent reminder that you are destined for greatness and that you owe it to yourself to step out into the deep to explore what else is possible for you. It is my hope that Women Crushing Mediocrity will reignite the fire within you to be AMAZING – which is your birthright – not just ordinary and to develop a commitment to crush anything that stands in your way of creating a life that you’re in love with.