Mommy, I Need You!


Discussing child sexual abuse is a sensitive, soul-stirring, and sobering topic. Avoided by many, this subject does not easily lend itself to comfortable discussion. Although we were never promised that life would be comfortable, it is our nature to try to make it so. We remain silent. We pretend. We swallow our pain. Unfortunately, this much-unwelcomed discussion is one that we must demand to have if change is ever to occur.


In this book, author Regina C. Hall not only discusses, but delves deeper into this topic by disclosing her innermost thoughts and struggles as she recovered from sexual abuse. She invites us to stroll with her down her childhood memory lane, and by doing so, makes us privy to the conniving debauchery of her abuser. We are moved from the innocent play and musings of a little girl, to the pain and confusion of a sexual abuse survivor.In the spirit of the “Me Too” movement, this book is a timely arrival. Regina shares openly, and by revealing her deepest pain, alerts her readers to the dire need for spiritual healing. With God as the source, she demonstrates how victims can discover victory in life and allow pain to become a part of their past. Through her story and insight, we come to see healing and recovery as a lifelong process and necessary spiritual journey. It becomes impressed upon our hearts that our experiences of sexual abuse are not secrets best left in the dark. Readers will be inspired to not only claim their own victory, but to open their hearts, minds, and mouths to inspire others on this healing journey.