Sister to Sister

Over the last five weeks, I have facilitated a Mastermind on a book called “Put Your Dream To The Test” by John Maxwell. It has been incredibly inspiring, and it lends an understanding of the ten questions we need to ask ourselves to accomplish a dream.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of marrying Batman. Batman was my hero. It was exciting to see how he fought for the underdog. He and Robin would smash the plans of the villain to rid the world of its evil. I resonated with Batman and the other heroes because most wanted to destroy the intentions of the evil ones.

Although, I didn’t marry Batman (reality stepped into view, smile). I do have a superpower and passion for helping young ladies and women find their voices through personal and spiritual growth and leadership. I am a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, who desires to help others live their authentic selves. My biggest asset is advocating for the underdog. Those who may have suffered a traumatic experience or fell prey to the woes of life and who need to know they matter, find a place of refuge.

I had a difficult time accepting that life was uphill. I often felt that others had it easy, and I was cursed with struggling for the rested of my life. I was constantly comparing my experiences to others, looking at what they had, and feeling how come that’s not me. Why did God have it out for me? I lived a pretty frustrated and often felt depressed. It wasn’t until I started to see life from a different perspective by reading the Bible, getting close to God, and seeking assistance from others. I had to become vulnerable to heal. I came to grips with that everyone struggles, and should not compare my life to others. Everyone has their own story, and I have no crystal ball to look into their lives and see what they are going through. 

Life is uphill, and some of the circumstances that come into our lives can bring great distress. We are going to experience successes and failures, highs and lows, and setbacks. Mentors, advocates, and those who are willing to partner can help lighten the load for teen girls, young ladies, and women, and this is where my organization Sisters Journeying Together comes in. The organization is under the umbrella of Enlighten Heart Services.  Women are encouraged to get involved in the lives of young ladies and women to add value by helping them find their voices. 

What about you, ladies? Will you join me by becoming a Sister?

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