What Category Are You In?

For the last several weeks, I focused on the topic “Are You Dreaming?” It has been exciting to offer a Mastermind on “Do It Now” to help women take their results to the next level and discuss the topic on my Facebook live Morning Tea with Regina, Inspiration, and Encouragement. The material is invaluable. You can’t read something once and think you got it. I have read “Put Your Dream to the Test” several times, and each time I see more than the first time. It helped me have more profound reflections and reinforced some things that I considered but had not embraced. Although my target audience is women, on my Facebook Live, l speak to women and men. 

Many women, like myself, have fulfilled some of their dreams. I dreamed of marriage, having children, graduating from college, and working a job to assist me in my growth as a counselor. I have dreamt of becoming an international speaker and trainer, inspiring and champion those who want to make peace with their past and take a journey in fulfilling their purpose. 

Have you been told to “Just Do It? “Simple words, but not as easy as it sounds. Some people are not just doing it; they are waiting for it just to happen. What category are you in? Are you in the just do it category? Or the just happen category? 

“There is no magic power in having a dream. You can’t just dream for it. You have to work for it.” – John Maxwell

 If you are in the just happen; then, you are waiting for magic. You probably believe that if you have a dream and enough passion, it will come to fruition. Women are encouraged, well, even deceived to wish for a life of Cinderella or Snow-white. Our knight and shining armor will come and rescue us from the hell hole and forever sleep and gallop us into the sunset of the Happy-Ever After. Happy Ever After has been portrayed in books, broadway, and television, and doesn’t happen for most of us. 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” —Mark Twain

For us to reach our dreams, yes, we need passion, but it takes strategies to get to where we want to go.

The first step we can take is stating all our positions.

(1) My Present Position – “Where am I right now?”

(2) My Future Position – “What will my dream look like when I’ve achieved it?”

(3) The Positions In-Between – “What steps must I take to get from my present position to my future one?”

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch observed, “Strategy is first trying to understand where you sit in today’s world. Not where you wish you were or where you hoped you would be, but where you are. Then it’s trying to understand where you want to be five years out. Finally, it’s assessing the realistic chances of getting from here to there.”

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